Monday, February 27, 2012

It's A Sarong Affair

An affair? Yes, to tell you the truth, I don't even own a sarong. But ask me, whats so great about this sarong?

Random Alphabets is a group of people who carry out random, of course with purpose, events around Kuala Lumpur to get people together. This time, they carried out Keretapi Sarong where about 500 people, Malaysian and not, has tied up their sarong to the waist to take a journey around KL via train.

With the theme, What is your Sarong story?, many carried paper showing captions of their own sarong story. So, what is my sarong story?

I was at my friends 19th Birthday at an apartment where there was a pool.. Popping a balloon of flour over my friend, who was a girl, wasn't exactly a good idea.. You know girls, they can control guys. And she sort of asked an army of guys, including my friends, to chase me and throw me into the pool.

So we ran around the whole apartment. I was surprised that I could run barefoot on tarmac, perhaps its because anything goes if your running for your life. haha!

I soon got caught, they stripped my pockets to make sure i didnt have my phone or wallet, took my glasses off and carried me to the pool. Splash! There I flew off into the pool.. We had no towels because we did not plan to go in to the pool at all.. Thank God for the birthday theme, "Kampung", some of us had sarongs. My friend offered me his sarong and that kept me warm for the night, yes, the cold windy night..

Anyway, this is abit of what happened there. Do check out the news article by The Star R.AGE. :)

For more photos, visit A Sarong Affair and tag yourself if you are included.. :)

Participants helping each other out.. 

Looking good on the streets.. :) 

 Zain coordinating the event..

Tourists also taking part in the event, trying the sarong for the first time..

RapidKL also took part in the, what was first small, event.. :) 

KL Street drummers making themselves comfy in Ampang Park..

Talk about overcoming human limits.. 

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Nath said...

love the kid in sarong, so cute ^_^