Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Goals for My 9 Months Break

2 months has passed since i completed my Form 6 course and I'm still waiting for my STPM results, which is also known to be the Higher School Certificate.Results should be out by the first week of March, but that doesnt mean I will start University then too..

Public Universities in Malaysia only start in September, which gives us 9 months to do nothing or everything. I choose the latter. Post SPM holidays was regretful to me, not to mention, my high school life was partly regretful because I did not take up everything I could. I regret not joining the debate team, i regret not doing public speaking, regret this, regret that. Not having to learn such skills or abilities has caused me to miss a few kick starts in my life. I screwed my interview to be able to be part of an exchange student program. Truly regretful..

Regret is all in my mind, some do say that we should not regret because it was the past, I rather say regret helps us to learn to do better next time, and a guide to set our benchmark to improve ourselves, which is what I have already done.

Many of us who completed form 6 take this 9 months break as a time to relax, some is to gain lots of money, and there are some who actually enrolled into private colleges early to get their degree faster. Im not chasing the world with the crowd, nor wasting my time. I believe this 9 months is essential for me to improve myself physically and mentally.

My aim is to try to take up different jobs to grasp knowledge of different fields. I could end up as the Jack of all trades, masters of none. But no, having little knowledge of something is still better than nothing. These little experiences are my building blocks, and I just have to put them together properly. Of course, I will still have a main skill, but its good to know a bit of everything..

There was a time when I was in Genting Highlands and I attempted the Rock Wall. I did not complete it. It was maybe because I was afraid of heights, or afraid to take risks, afraid to push myself to discover what I can actually do. So now, I change. I want to try as much as I can. Early this year I wanted to take on the Rock Wall again, but sadly it's no more available in Genting Highlands. Perhaps I can outrun it next time, but it will remain as a memory for me to keep trying in other things, for example, Paintball..

Paintball is a really fun but painful experience. You can get bruises for months, can bleed for days and have scars for years. But why cant I take up the challenge? Why am I afraid? Because I do not want to regret again, I decide I will take up the challenge. I will be going for paintball in March and I do hope that it will be a great experience.

Some ask me, why you dont want to earn money to sustain myself. I came up with this theory. Now im still living under my parents roof, I dont have to pay for rent, no car to pay or petrol to pay. So I decide to use the little money I make from temporary part time jobs for leisure, trying new things and travelling. If I hold all my activities till I graduate from University (If I do), I dont think I will have the chance to try new and different things.. When I have a degree, my career will be fixed based on that degree. Its like having a plane ticket to Singapore, and trying to use the same ticket to go to USA, no it wont work. So this is the time I try different jobs, no matter how the pay is.

Recently, I worked in a call center for about a month, which I stopped to work full time doing a production business with a friend, where I make videos and get paid for it. Soon I hope to try to take on F&B and sales in Machines. I'm hoping to also join another friend of mine to help his uncles business by being a photographer.

At the same time, I also am brushing up my guitar by playing for church. I started doing push ups daily at home, going for jogs and also started dance classes. I am also starting to learn mandarin from my friends, which I find essential because the Chinese language is the most spoken language in the world, followed by English. Oh, and I'm reading more these days.. :)

I am hoping that these 9 months of learning will be very fruitful to me. I hope many others also make good time of their breaks.

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aivee said...

We are of the same frequency man! I share similar plan for the break. It's good to take little steps because the journey itself is more important than the destination. ;D

Nath said...

ahahaha We're in the same zone but I'm done with my degree program. Hopefully things will goes well ;)

Most Desirable said...

Great you are involved in so many things, like sowing the seeds for the future. Never under estimate the effort put in, it will reward you in turn. However 9 months will be gone in a matter of time. At the end of it, you can say to yourself, it is time well spent!! Pls do read my what goes around comes back around, for the fun of it, thks:)

Nath said...

International Hospitality, Major in Events :)

CX said...

Hey ... I'm a Christian who has just finished A levels and searching to make the best of life. I'm where you once were ...Thank you so much for the positive outlook. You have encouraged me greatly and I respect you for blessing others with your guitar skills and for taking on new challenges. I want to be like you. God bless you, my brother in Christ!