Sunday, March 11, 2012

D-Maniac Experience in Malaysia

So actually I was just with CoEx, A.Ron and SamSaw doing some recording for their new Beatnation promo video, and I had no idea where to head to at night. CoEx had a gig in Sunway University so we, Sam, Aaron and Damien decided to be his groupies, or just to give moral support.. I seriously had no idea where I was going, I just know it was some dance event..

Well anyway, we arrived there wondering where the multipurpose hall was.. It was our first time in Sunway University and it was big, but not enough road, seriously.. We headed to the main foyer where Aaron asked this hot girl for directions. In the end, she was also part of the organising committee.. She showed us where to park and we ran to the hall, because we were quite late for sound check..

I entered the hall hoping for a crowd, because I usually have a thinking that events should be, Big.. However, there were less than a hundred people there, it was really a small event, but that was no problem at all..

CoEx opened the stage with his "mouthblowing" beats, throwing dancers off their chairs and hitting the grooves.. Beatbox and Dance, what od they have in common? Well dancers dont dance because they like it, its because dance, is them.. Same goes for beaboxing, but in their own way..

Soon, dancers from Thailand began to take over the stage, showing their moves, keeping to the beat..

And soon, they opened up the dance floor and everyone just got crazy! It was great to see, though a small group of people, but its a cluster of people who are determined in what they live for, spirited and enthusiastic.. Yesterday's event was so hyped up, even I myself cant dance but the event got me moving.. Everyone kept dancing, doing what they love and showing the diversity of different dance cultures..

So, I got to find out about the event.. It was called D-Maniac Experience in Malaysia.. D-Maniac is a Bangkok based Hip Hop dance crew.. If im not mistaken, they carried out a series of workshops in Sunway University.. To know more about the event or D-Maniac, check out :)

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