Saturday, March 03, 2012

Simon's Restaurant

Well among my usual group of friends, I decided to create a rule. We cannot eat in a restaurant that we have eaten in before. Most of the time, were always indecisive on where to eat. I'm always looking for an adventure, so whats an adventure if I dont explore? Sometimes I wonder that, these restaurants have been here for long already and I'm sure thousands of people have already come here, but well, Its my adventure anyway right? :)

This time we went to Simon's Place in Taipan, USJ 10.. THey serve homecooked food from 6 ringgit onwards. It is a bit expensive, but that depends on how the food is. This is what we ordered;

Yong Chow Fried Rice-RM6 
Has an average taste, a bit oily but has good texture. Nice to eat with the nyonya sambal..

Nyonya Fried Rice-RM8
Looking at whats with the rice, you can expect your taste buds to go crazy.. Top is meat with sweet sauce.. This dish also has pineapples, onions, onion leaves, red chilli, dried onions and nyonya sambal.. A good sweet sour taste.. 

Fried Koay Teow 
Has a strong sesame seed flavor.. Tasty and chewy..

Ginger Beef Cantonese Fried Noodles
From the name 'Ginger', it has a strong ginger taste.. Beef is tender, savory.. 

In the end, then Nyonya friend rice is the winner.. I would suggest visitors to try this dish.. :)

Simon's Restaurant is located in Subang Jaya between Pizza Hut and Flower World;

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Nath said...

I miss the fun time @ USJ T_T

Nath said...

not me, God father used to stay there :p