Saturday, March 17, 2012


It was always planned to go to Singapore to work and to go for a holiday there. Somehow, the holiday plan didnt turn up well so I just ended up going for the work trip, but I wouldn't exactly say that it was all work and no play, it was partially a holiday for me..

I was working with Seed Communications running an event in Marina Expo and Convention Center, and yes, I did stay in The Marina Sands Hotel itself. Famous for its Skypark, it was always my dream to go up to that 57th floor and take photographs of the scenery there. Sadly, I didnt bring my camera because I expected myself to be working. It was my biggest regret. I settled for my phone camera but it takes quite crappy photos.

Thanks to boss for supper.. :)

The company did provide a Nikon D80 with an 18-135mm lens and I used it to take some good shots, but the camera is still with the company, going through processing because technically I cant take the photos of the event that was carried out. I'm just hoping that I can get my photos when I pick up my pay.

Speaking of pay, I had the feeling that, its ok if I was not paid. Food and lodging were all accounted for, and the rooms there was sweet! Before going to Singapore, I actually was misinformed that the it was a 2 day one night stay. Thank God Kelvin called me, telling me its a 3 day event. Clearly, I wasn't clear about the details and I wasn't expecting to stay in Marina Sands. I knew the event was there, but it would be too good to be true to stay there..

It was a dream come true.. 

I entered the room, first by walking all the way to the end of the room, unlocking the doors to the balcony. It was the freaking sea view and I looked outside, watching hundreds of cargo ships anchoring in the seas of Singapore. It was like a freaking armada preparing for war! Such an amazing scene.. The beds were so comfortable and although there wasn't enough time to sleep, it was purely satisfying.

Kelvin turned on the television, first time being in Singapore, he wondered what do they screen in their local television. The hotel provided movies, which cost about 7 Sing. Dollars each, which also included adult movies. Well, thats Singapore for you.. haha! We ended up watching MTV..

Running the event there was, tough. Marina Sands is such a huge place, it takes you almost half an hour for you to walk from the hotel to the convention center. Whats worse is that its another 15 minute walk to get to the food court. The place was nice, but running around there isint. Im sure I have gained more calf muscles after that job. If you were a tourist, one day would not be enough for you to shop there. The management can also run more than 30 events there at the same time!

After working, we got a chance to go up to the top floor and take a look around there. The pool overlooks Singapore's sky scrapers and the breeze from the ocean was warm and comfy. It was such a great experience just to get up there. Because of the limited time, we didnt get to swim. I did plan to wake up at 6am one morning to catch its sunrise and go for a swim, but this is what happened.

6am alarm rings.. Looked outside the window, it was so dark.. Back to bed..
6.30 alarm rings.. Looked outside, still very dark.. Got back to bed..
7.15 got up, Looked outside.. It was raining.. *sigh*

 Wet morning in Singapore.. Check out the mist.. 

But still, nothing beats being able to get up there. It's also all about the experience we gain there, the work and being able to manage your time to do what you want. Perhaps next time ill bring my camera no matter if its work or for no reason..

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Nath said...

I won't call it mist, it's pretty hazy @ Singapore most of the time =X