Saturday, April 21, 2012

I got a new gadget! :D

It was a long, ok, not that long but it was a long journey lah.. I waited for the bus for about an hour to get to KL Sentral in another hour. I got up the monorail to Low Yat, being the digital mall, I was hoping that they sold the Zoom H1.

I went to every camera shop and they only sold RODE mics. I use a Canon 500D so it does not have a microphone input unlike the 550D A salesman downstairs did offer the H1 to me for RM380, but he wasn't there in the end, and his colleague said they dont sell it. It got me to my nerves, especially when I was wet from the rain and had blisters on my leg.

Since I had a complimentary drink from Starbucks because of doing a survey for them, I decided to kick back at the nearest Starbucks and have a chicken pie to fill my stomach. I also called Christopher and Stanley to help me check where can I find that device. Chris found a shop along Jalan Imbi called CK Music
selling the device. So I quickly got their number and asked if they had the stock.

A man named Haris picked up the phone. It was the last set and he reserved it for me. As soon as I got there, he was already expecting me. He brought out its package and I tested it. I was so impressed with its performance. Fast start up and it focuses precisely on the object you want to record. The surrounding noise is as minimal as possible so that the object recorded is emphasized. I plugged in my Philips headphones and the sound was great!

Zoom H1 also has an accessory set which can be bought separately, and I do suggest that if you get a Zoom H1, get its accessory pack too.. Its wind screen is so useful. It cuts of wind from being recorded, i tested it under a fan, very impressive. The accessory pack also comes with a power input for the mic, handheld microphone adapter, mini tripod, a protective case and a USB cable.

All in all, im quite happy with the product that I bought. Its been a day old so I've yet to test it more in different conditions, but other forums give good reviews too.. :)

Zoom H1 is RM335
Zoom H1 Accessory Pack is RM55

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