Sunday, April 08, 2012

Up Running Errands

Hey! It's been quite awhile since I posted, so here's what has been going on..

Since Singapore, I have been involved in making videos for corporate companies. Generally, I made a 3D video for the launch of a companies website.. All these was done under Kuboid Productions, a company founded by my close friend, Keenan.. The video took about a month to be planned, arranged and finalised. Last week was its launching where we handled its play, and it went quite well..

I am currently running about 5 video projects at the same time.. It was the website launch, Touch Community, SMK Seafield Maths and Science Week and Beatnation's An Introduction. Technically I did not do all the videos at the same time, Thank God!

The question was, would working this way be better than working part time at a restaurant or a department store? I was making videos at home so I practically worked every day at every hour, waking up and going straight to the PC, and sleeping late at night. It seems to be longer than an ordinary 9 to 5 job. But one thing about making videos is that every situation is different.. I faced more problems than success while making videos. Its not like a routine that you have to do the same thing everyday, thats why I find making videos more interesting, and I love it! I meet different people looking for different needs too. I gain experience lots of experience by meeting different types of people with different attitudes and perspectives, which makes things alot complicated but at the same time, opens up my mind.

If I were to do a 9 to 5 job, perhaps ill be in an office or duty spot, doing the same thing everyday, just like how I made calls at a call center. You just get bored of it and you dont gain much experience. Speaking about price, I get way alot more making videos than doing part time jobs..

But in the end, though I am committed in such work, it might all end when I, hopefully, start university in September. I did not do well in my STPM, nor flopped it but it still wasnt a good sight for me.. I always looked up to people who can lead, like head prefects who have a high level of intelligence, active in sports and hobbies which make them an all rounder, like my brother.. But to be honest, girls who are like that make me go, whoaaaa.. ok nevermind. The point is that I want to be like them, be someone who people may look up to.. I dont want fame, I just want to have that character in me. It may take a long time but I believe that university is my turning point. I can still change there..

Anyway, Im typing this post from my new laptop my dad bought for me.. It runs on an i7 2670QM processor, has 8GB ram and a 2GB gfx card.. It has performed very well so far and I'm so happy about it, thanks to my parents and brother who supported the idea, the laptop is helping me alot in my work.. :)

Well anyway, the past few weeks wasn't that easy but educating.. I hope many people out there try to engage towards more activities than just staying home and doing nothing.. Not saying that its not good to stay home often, but just try to grasp all you can in life.. Opportunities, never lose it, even the smallest chances.. :)

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yokifamily said...

me think u are great. Head screwed right. Well done on the videos.