Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Choi Forever and Ever Tour Live in Malaysia!

It was an awesome chance to get this opportunity to meet up and interview David Choi under The Star's BRATs. Honestly, I just got to be more familiar with David Choi and his music only a week before his concert. I have slow internet at home and I take every chance to watch Wong Fu videos whenever I go to Starbucks. I think David Choi made soundtracks for all of Wong Fu's videos. But what got me wanting to go to his concert is his talent in music. Every Wong Fu video feels good because of his music, and I wanted to feel it live.

So we got to Wisma Bentley at about 4pm where he walked into the Auditorium for a soundcheck. We were allowed to enter during his soundcheck to set up an interview. He was a pleasant guy and everything was cool for him. He just loved to mention roti kaya all the time. He was already here for a few days and Jin from hosted him, brought him around KL for its great food.

Fans were already waiting since 4pm to buy tickets and get the chance to catch him walking into the auditorium, which they did. Their early wait paid well.

So, I'm Jenn opened up the stage by performing 3 songs. Jenn performed on stage with another 2 members, performed great harmonised music. The guitars were in harmony, the voices were in harmony too.. The guys could sing the high notes really well and it was blissful to the ears. Jenn is just a Malaysian youtuber, just like David Choi. Do check her out on the link above or at her facebook page. :)

David Choi came up stage with his band from Singapore. David usually makes his music by himself, and it would be impossible if he were to perform them live. His music was upbeat, especially with the kick of the drums, you would just feel like gettting on your feet and dancing along. Check out the videos I made below for a feel of his music live. :)

At the last quarter of his performance, he broke a string on his guitar! He didnt have a backup guitar so he borrowed one from a guitarist in So, I'm Jenn.

I also got a photo with David Choi! :) Thanks for the experience.. :) and here is the interview with David Choi by us on rageonlinetv;

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Home or DIY Studio Photoshoot

Reuben was going to leave to Kampar to begin his first semester of university at UTAR, so he stayed over my place to just have some fun. He wanted to have a photo of himself in a white world, like how some Korean artist take their photos. It was part of a dare too.. haha..

Just by using a simple wall in the living hall upstairs, which is somewhat my office, we got the photos he wanted..

The setup was simple. We just used a white background and 2 flashes to balance the light on the left and right side.. The most important part is to not have shadows produced on the side of the subject/model. This will make post processing easier. Using photoshop, I erased the white background to a pure white background using paint and magic wand.. Sometimes, quick selection is better.

You can see that there is a light and fan switch behind and the floor is brown parquet. White paper is used so that editing would be easier. Of course my photos are not perfect because this is actually my first attempt to do such a photoshoot. Feel free to improvise from this and show me your product.. :)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Logitech Gaming Mouse G300

All this while, I have been using a normal 2 button with scroll mouse for everything I do on the computer or laptop. Basically, my whole life revolves around my laptop and pc, because I dont use tablets and other fancy gadgets. I use my laptop most of the time to watch movies, play games and edit graphics and videos. Soon, my mouse started to give me problems, so I decided to get a new one.

I quickly got to the Logitech website to browse their products. To be honest, I clicked "sort from lowest to highest price" first.. xD While browsing, I noticed that the wireless mouse are usually RM100 and above, or maybe RM80 but its just another 2 button with scroll mouse. I wanted something more functional, something useful. Perhaps something with more buttons. While browsing, I saw this mouse having such a cunning shape, it was quite sleek and proportional, symmetrical, and had nice curves. I saw the price and it was just RM89. Wired? Who cares? I dont wanna think about changing batteries and pay more just for a wireless? No thanks. G300 was just perfect. It has 9 programmable buttons and oh, its lights also was another reason why I bought it.. :)

I can choose 7 different colours, representing a setting. The mouse also has built in memory where 3 customized profiles can be set and used in any computer. There is also a software that you can install into your PC for you to have gazillion profiles for a gazillion uses. It's a gaming mouse, so it also auto-detect games and preset them to the most comfortable settings. When you run a specific program or game, it will automatically change profile. Awesome isint it? :)

These are a few profiles on my mouse;

The is also said to have a sensitive optical sensor, adjustable ranging from 250dpi to 2500dpi, frankly I still have no idea how to measure or explain this because I havent adjusted it, I already like how its set.

Its been a day since I used it and Im still happy about it.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spontaneous KL trip

I'm on my longest break of my life so usually I get up at about 12pm everyday. A very bad habit indeed, I actually find myself having better days if I wake up earlier. Anyway, I got up at 12 and flipped open my laptop to see Sheila messaging me on facebook..

It was very random but I myself didn't want to just stay at home, and I needed to get a camera accessory from CK Music, the place where I got my Zoom H1.

Technically, you cant find this in Malaysia. You can barely see one on or or even It costed 34 bucks in the end, was abit expensive but to settle my hunt for it, I just got it. So this is how it looks when i mount it on my 500D.

Yeah, my phone camera sucks.. But back to the trip, it was funny that Sheila asked me out last minute, then I randomly asked Reuben out last minute, and the he asked his best friend Vivian out also last minute. Hah! Check out the chain reaction man.

Reuben came within an hour, just nice for me to have a shower and cook a bowl of Indomee. I was hungry because I didnt have breakfast. I was planning to eat food in KL so I didnt want to have anything heavy. We took NPE and the Smart Tunnel straight to Bukit Bintang and parked at Lot 10. We had lunch at it's Hutong Food Court, one of my favorite food spots. We all had beef noodles because its something we haven't eaten in a while.

We also bought sushi from Isetan's foodmarket but it didnt taste good. We headed to CK Music where I bought my adapter and Sheila went to try some guitars. She is actually looking for a good guitar with a pickup, and one thing about musical instruments is that you cant just buy a guitar like that. Guitar selection is very subjective, depending on player, comfort, type of music and many more. We spent about an hour there and were gonna explore more guitars sooner. :)

Somehow Vivan broke her sandal. The sole of her sandal came off and she had to drag her way to Berjaya Times Square. First thing we did there was to hunt new slippers for her. She finally got one and we went around the whole Times Square, looking for caps, necklaces and piercings. Most of the caps didn't look like they were manufactured properly until we saw one shop. We were interested but since Reuben bought good caps from Petaling Street before, we then headed there first. We walked around, bought "air mata kucing" and had beef noodles again, but it was better.. :)

We then looked for caps but we didn't find good ones anymore.. Reuben regret that he should have actually bought caps from Times Square. We couldn't go back there to shop because Vivian was rushing home. She didn;t want to be back late because the next day was her first day in HELP University. So we went left Lot 10 and headed to the Smart Tunnel.

We almost had the adventure of our lives. The Smart Tunnel was closed so we had to divert to another route which we didnt know. SO we ended up on the Maju Expressway (MEX) and this highway takes you straight to Putrajaya from KL. There was an exit to Bukit Jalil but we didn't take it because it neither said Subang Jaya or Petaling Jaya on the signboard. So we kept going, going and going on that long straight highway. There was no exit other than Putrajaya, so we drove for about half an hour on that straight highway. We got out to Putrajaya and took the Puchong way home. It was a really big round to get to subang jaya. Through our journey, we also spotted the supermoon. Couldnt get a clear shot though..

Had nasi lemak for supper in the end! Tee Hee!

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Monday, May 07, 2012

I got a new Haircut! :P

Yesterday, me, Reuben and YK went off to taipan for a haircut.. YK wanted to go to APT because he knew a hair stylist there. Reuben preferred to go to Kimarie because he also knew someone there. I decided to go APT as YK recommended me to, and Kimarie had no junior hair stylist. It was one of the few times went to a saloon because I grew up being always brought to the barber. I'm also still not at a stage where I would spend 30 bucks to cut my hair.. haha..

We went into APT and somehow, YK's stylist, Ice, wasn't there. Another senior stylist who claimed to be professional said he can do the job for YK. So he then agreed and I wouldn't wanna go too far with what happened.. haha.. YK in the end just had a very bad haircut.

A junior hairstylist did my hair and I was satisfied with its product. YK regrets and he actually wished the junior hair stylist cut for him.. haha. The funniest part was during payment, first they didnt accept credit card because only payment that is 50 bucks and above can be paid by credit card and YK wasnt happy about that. He also had a member card and he is actually illegible for a 50% discount, but its only applicable on weekdays. Yesterday was a Sunday. Haha! Poor YK, everything just didnt work out for him.

We got a meal and then we went to Kimarie for Reuben to cut his hair. His friend was there and his hair was done very well. At kimarie, you can see the stylist take real careful and detail during styling. The stylist would sit and focus on sections very intensely. A very professional saloon.

Anyway, I still like my hair style now. I was wondering last night. I am always behind the camera, taking photographs of other people and not myself. I feel that it kinda makes me more timid and have lower self esteem and confidence. I think my experience of photography and video is quite dense, of course I do not know everything, but I feel that it's time for me to be in front of the camera. I do wish to be an MC or a host one day. Well, if there are any opportunities out there that you know, do tell me! I'm interested.. :D

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

MC Jin In My Dream Concert

I didn't really know Jin except from the movie 2Fast 2Furious. I just thought he was an actor but then A.RON introduced to me his song, Angels;

Besides Angels, I also know he did a rap in Lee Hom's song, Heroes of Earth;

So, I wasn't really clear about him but all i know is that he is a dope rapper. American Born Chinese, ABC has been seen to blow many rappers off in free style rap competitions. Aaron was quite of a fan of him so he attended his meet and greet session in Sungei Wang. His eagerness to meet him actually got him 2 Rockzone tickets worth RM 170 each! He was chosen for a mini competition, he was to finish MC Jin's rap line, which he did and won 2 tickets. I was one of the lucky ones chosen by Aaron to follow him to Jin's concert.

Me and Aaron at Dang Wangi Station.. 

We took the train to KL Live @Life Center along Jalan Sultan Ismail. The show was opened by Shawn Lee and Dennis Lau, which I think is Malaysia's best violinist and he also was an actor in Nasi Lemak 2.0.

Soon, Jin came on stage rapping rhymes with DJ Quickie, his DJ. He performed many Cantonese songs because the crowd were mostly Cantonese educated. He did ask if there were any who didn't understand Cantonese but no one admitted. Even then, he did some of his English raps like When The Lights Come on, Shoot for the Moon and Learn Chinese. 

Shawn Lee and Dennis Lau came up somewhere in the middle for some freestyle session. Jin went on doing some mini games and did a lot of Cantonese raps. It was nice to see Jin being so humble on stage and so connected to the crowd. He comes down the stage to talk with his fans and do games. He did call some guys on stage to "back him up" and they did a pretty good job too. He also ate durian! At the beginning of his concert, he did mention that he wanted to try durian and he told the crowd to shout, I Love To Eat Durian! At the 3rd quarter of his concert, someone really got him durian and he ate it on stage.

Well anyway, thats about it for his concert. He says that he's a father now and on his birthday, he will be releasing a new song called Brand New Me I think. It was a good song, reflecting him changing, not forgetting the past but to move on to a better future. He closed with one sentence, God Bless you all!

Got a shot with Shawn Lee! #4 Beatboxer in world ranking!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A very active day :D

I woke up today at 7.30 to hang the clothes from the washer. I usually dont get up that early but I had to get to Damansara at 9am for a video shoot at the Touch Dialysis Center. I'm currently working with Touch Community under Kuboid Productions in helping them promote their fund raising event. We are hoping to produce a very good documentary.

For dialysis information or if you want to help Touch Dialysis Center, their location is below;

Touch Dialysis Center,
26, Jalan PJU 5/16,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,

603-6157 7520

After filming, I straight away got home to get ready for my first Paintball game. At 3pm, we met at school and headed to Selayang Mall where Splat Zone Paintball was located. This paintball field is run in an indoor carpark.

The most epic thing that happened here is that we got stuck in the elevator. It was an old mall so we were not surprised, or we tried not to be. haha. we tried pressing the buttons of every floor so that the lift might move, but it didnt. We pressed the intercom, but the button was hardened that it could not be pressed. We rang the bell but I guess no one would hear us. So then, we had to pry the lift doors open and climbed out of the lift. Haha!

Geoffrey with Robyn's ammo packs..

We then reached the paintball arena and we had to wait quite long. They were preparing markers, they dont call it guns, for the 13 of us. It was RM70 per person for unlimited bullets for 3 hours. We somehow didnt really enjoyed it so much because everytime we ran out of bullets, we will go out to the counter and they will end our game, which is so soon. They didnt allow us to bring ammo packs so we could not reload in the arena. In the end, it was a series of short matches. In between matches, it was also a long wait because there were other teams. All in all, it was abit of a disappointment. My friend said the management here isint good and that next time I should join them in Tanamera Paintball or even at Summit USJ.

My experience; the shots were not that painful. I think it was a .50 caliber marker so it wasnt that bad. Geoffrey said that a .65 caliber would hurt. Compared to laser tag, the shots are meant to hurt you so you wouldnt simply run out and try shooting everyone. You had to take cover and think before moving forward.

Anyway, it was just alright for my first time. I hope to play in shah alam where they say its more exciting compared to selayang. Oh but I was able to catch a beautiful sunset from the carpark.. :)

Group Photo :)

We were so hungry at about the 2nd hour of paintball, especially the cooking vent was near there, we could smell fried chicken! So after everything, we headed to Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood. It is known to have awesome crabs there. However, most of us were not in the mood for crabs because we were quite tired. So we just got one set of crabs and other dishes like Kangkung Belacan, Friend Prawns, Steamed fish, fried tofu and marmite chicken. It was delicious!

Well, thats all the photos because my camera battery died.. :( Well hopefully the sneak peak will get you hungry.. :P

So, do you think that was all I did? No! I still went to watch Avengers in 3D that night itself! The show was at 11.55pm so I guess everything is just falling into place. :)

Avengers, I wouldn't say it was Amazing but it was a good movie. Lots of values were portrayed in the video and I loved how the black widow can twist stories so that she can get her information. Its a psychological thing so I liked that.. haha..

It was also my first time watching 3D in a local cinema. If you would ask me, I will say the 3D and non-3D doesnt have much difference. 3D movies have a deeper depth where the background and the object is separated. It is not much of a difference because ordinary movies have a good depth of field but its just not separated.

Anyway, it was a good long day. Now I'm just chilling at my local Starbucks, having a hot mocha and doing this blog post.. :)

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