Wednesday, May 02, 2012

BeatNation featuring Rejuvenate Dance Crew

Recently, BeatNation, a cluster of beatboxers, got together to aid Rejuvenate Dance Crew in an acoustic dance competition called Beat Street Dance Competition. Contestants were to do a dance performance without the use of radios or music.. The music had to be acoustic.

Being their documenter, I only recorded the performance of BeatNation and Rejuvenate and I'll say, its a must see video.. Taken alone by me and the help of CoEx Canon 550D, I mounted that on a tripod and use my Canon 500D to record this video. Audio was recorded by a Zoom H1 and this is a hight quality recording of their performance.. Please do take a look.. :)

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1 comment:

Street Dance said...

It's really great move by BeatNation. I love to watch these kind of things...!