Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Choi Forever and Ever Tour Live in Malaysia!

It was an awesome chance to get this opportunity to meet up and interview David Choi under The Star's BRATs. Honestly, I just got to be more familiar with David Choi and his music only a week before his concert. I have slow internet at home and I take every chance to watch Wong Fu videos whenever I go to Starbucks. I think David Choi made soundtracks for all of Wong Fu's videos. But what got me wanting to go to his concert is his talent in music. Every Wong Fu video feels good because of his music, and I wanted to feel it live.

So we got to Wisma Bentley at about 4pm where he walked into the Auditorium for a soundcheck. We were allowed to enter during his soundcheck to set up an interview. He was a pleasant guy and everything was cool for him. He just loved to mention roti kaya all the time. He was already here for a few days and Jin from hosted him, brought him around KL for its great food.

Fans were already waiting since 4pm to buy tickets and get the chance to catch him walking into the auditorium, which they did. Their early wait paid well.

So, I'm Jenn opened up the stage by performing 3 songs. Jenn performed on stage with another 2 members, performed great harmonised music. The guitars were in harmony, the voices were in harmony too.. The guys could sing the high notes really well and it was blissful to the ears. Jenn is just a Malaysian youtuber, just like David Choi. Do check her out on the link above or at her facebook page. :)

David Choi came up stage with his band from Singapore. David usually makes his music by himself, and it would be impossible if he were to perform them live. His music was upbeat, especially with the kick of the drums, you would just feel like gettting on your feet and dancing along. Check out the videos I made below for a feel of his music live. :)

At the last quarter of his performance, he broke a string on his guitar! He didnt have a backup guitar so he borrowed one from a guitarist in So, I'm Jenn.

I also got a photo with David Choi! :) Thanks for the experience.. :) and here is the interview with David Choi by us on rageonlinetv;

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