Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home or DIY Studio Photoshoot

Reuben was going to leave to Kampar to begin his first semester of university at UTAR, so he stayed over my place to just have some fun. He wanted to have a photo of himself in a white world, like how some Korean artist take their photos. It was part of a dare too.. haha..

Just by using a simple wall in the living hall upstairs, which is somewhat my office, we got the photos he wanted..

The setup was simple. We just used a white background and 2 flashes to balance the light on the left and right side.. The most important part is to not have shadows produced on the side of the subject/model. This will make post processing easier. Using photoshop, I erased the white background to a pure white background using paint and magic wand.. Sometimes, quick selection is better.

You can see that there is a light and fan switch behind and the floor is brown parquet. White paper is used so that editing would be easier. Of course my photos are not perfect because this is actually my first attempt to do such a photoshoot. Feel free to improvise from this and show me your product.. :)

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