Monday, May 07, 2012

I got a new Haircut! :P

Yesterday, me, Reuben and YK went off to taipan for a haircut.. YK wanted to go to APT because he knew a hair stylist there. Reuben preferred to go to Kimarie because he also knew someone there. I decided to go APT as YK recommended me to, and Kimarie had no junior hair stylist. It was one of the few times went to a saloon because I grew up being always brought to the barber. I'm also still not at a stage where I would spend 30 bucks to cut my hair.. haha..

We went into APT and somehow, YK's stylist, Ice, wasn't there. Another senior stylist who claimed to be professional said he can do the job for YK. So he then agreed and I wouldn't wanna go too far with what happened.. haha.. YK in the end just had a very bad haircut.

A junior hairstylist did my hair and I was satisfied with its product. YK regrets and he actually wished the junior hair stylist cut for him.. haha. The funniest part was during payment, first they didnt accept credit card because only payment that is 50 bucks and above can be paid by credit card and YK wasnt happy about that. He also had a member card and he is actually illegible for a 50% discount, but its only applicable on weekdays. Yesterday was a Sunday. Haha! Poor YK, everything just didnt work out for him.

We got a meal and then we went to Kimarie for Reuben to cut his hair. His friend was there and his hair was done very well. At kimarie, you can see the stylist take real careful and detail during styling. The stylist would sit and focus on sections very intensely. A very professional saloon.

Anyway, I still like my hair style now. I was wondering last night. I am always behind the camera, taking photographs of other people and not myself. I feel that it kinda makes me more timid and have lower self esteem and confidence. I think my experience of photography and video is quite dense, of course I do not know everything, but I feel that it's time for me to be in front of the camera. I do wish to be an MC or a host one day. Well, if there are any opportunities out there that you know, do tell me! I'm interested.. :D

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Sarah Lee said...

Very nice haircut ;)