Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Logitech Gaming Mouse G300

All this while, I have been using a normal 2 button with scroll mouse for everything I do on the computer or laptop. Basically, my whole life revolves around my laptop and pc, because I dont use tablets and other fancy gadgets. I use my laptop most of the time to watch movies, play games and edit graphics and videos. Soon, my mouse started to give me problems, so I decided to get a new one.

I quickly got to the Logitech website to browse their products. To be honest, I clicked "sort from lowest to highest price" first.. xD While browsing, I noticed that the wireless mouse are usually RM100 and above, or maybe RM80 but its just another 2 button with scroll mouse. I wanted something more functional, something useful. Perhaps something with more buttons. While browsing, I saw this mouse having such a cunning shape, it was quite sleek and proportional, symmetrical, and had nice curves. I saw the price and it was just RM89. Wired? Who cares? I dont wanna think about changing batteries and pay more just for a wireless? No thanks. G300 was just perfect. It has 9 programmable buttons and oh, its lights also was another reason why I bought it.. :)

I can choose 7 different colours, representing a setting. The mouse also has built in memory where 3 customized profiles can be set and used in any computer. There is also a software that you can install into your PC for you to have gazillion profiles for a gazillion uses. It's a gaming mouse, so it also auto-detect games and preset them to the most comfortable settings. When you run a specific program or game, it will automatically change profile. Awesome isint it? :)

These are a few profiles on my mouse;

The is also said to have a sensitive optical sensor, adjustable ranging from 250dpi to 2500dpi, frankly I still have no idea how to measure or explain this because I havent adjusted it, I already like how its set.

Its been a day since I used it and Im still happy about it.

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