Saturday, May 05, 2012

MC Jin In My Dream Concert

I didn't really know Jin except from the movie 2Fast 2Furious. I just thought he was an actor but then A.RON introduced to me his song, Angels;

Besides Angels, I also know he did a rap in Lee Hom's song, Heroes of Earth;

So, I wasn't really clear about him but all i know is that he is a dope rapper. American Born Chinese, ABC has been seen to blow many rappers off in free style rap competitions. Aaron was quite of a fan of him so he attended his meet and greet session in Sungei Wang. His eagerness to meet him actually got him 2 Rockzone tickets worth RM 170 each! He was chosen for a mini competition, he was to finish MC Jin's rap line, which he did and won 2 tickets. I was one of the lucky ones chosen by Aaron to follow him to Jin's concert.

Me and Aaron at Dang Wangi Station.. 

We took the train to KL Live @Life Center along Jalan Sultan Ismail. The show was opened by Shawn Lee and Dennis Lau, which I think is Malaysia's best violinist and he also was an actor in Nasi Lemak 2.0.

Soon, Jin came on stage rapping rhymes with DJ Quickie, his DJ. He performed many Cantonese songs because the crowd were mostly Cantonese educated. He did ask if there were any who didn't understand Cantonese but no one admitted. Even then, he did some of his English raps like When The Lights Come on, Shoot for the Moon and Learn Chinese. 

Shawn Lee and Dennis Lau came up somewhere in the middle for some freestyle session. Jin went on doing some mini games and did a lot of Cantonese raps. It was nice to see Jin being so humble on stage and so connected to the crowd. He comes down the stage to talk with his fans and do games. He did call some guys on stage to "back him up" and they did a pretty good job too. He also ate durian! At the beginning of his concert, he did mention that he wanted to try durian and he told the crowd to shout, I Love To Eat Durian! At the 3rd quarter of his concert, someone really got him durian and he ate it on stage.

Well anyway, thats about it for his concert. He says that he's a father now and on his birthday, he will be releasing a new song called Brand New Me I think. It was a good song, reflecting him changing, not forgetting the past but to move on to a better future. He closed with one sentence, God Bless you all!

Got a shot with Shawn Lee! #4 Beatboxer in world ranking!

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