Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spontaneous KL trip

I'm on my longest break of my life so usually I get up at about 12pm everyday. A very bad habit indeed, I actually find myself having better days if I wake up earlier. Anyway, I got up at 12 and flipped open my laptop to see Sheila messaging me on facebook..

It was very random but I myself didn't want to just stay at home, and I needed to get a camera accessory from CK Music, the place where I got my Zoom H1.

Technically, you cant find this in Malaysia. You can barely see one on or or even It costed 34 bucks in the end, was abit expensive but to settle my hunt for it, I just got it. So this is how it looks when i mount it on my 500D.

Yeah, my phone camera sucks.. But back to the trip, it was funny that Sheila asked me out last minute, then I randomly asked Reuben out last minute, and the he asked his best friend Vivian out also last minute. Hah! Check out the chain reaction man.

Reuben came within an hour, just nice for me to have a shower and cook a bowl of Indomee. I was hungry because I didnt have breakfast. I was planning to eat food in KL so I didnt want to have anything heavy. We took NPE and the Smart Tunnel straight to Bukit Bintang and parked at Lot 10. We had lunch at it's Hutong Food Court, one of my favorite food spots. We all had beef noodles because its something we haven't eaten in a while.

We also bought sushi from Isetan's foodmarket but it didnt taste good. We headed to CK Music where I bought my adapter and Sheila went to try some guitars. She is actually looking for a good guitar with a pickup, and one thing about musical instruments is that you cant just buy a guitar like that. Guitar selection is very subjective, depending on player, comfort, type of music and many more. We spent about an hour there and were gonna explore more guitars sooner. :)

Somehow Vivan broke her sandal. The sole of her sandal came off and she had to drag her way to Berjaya Times Square. First thing we did there was to hunt new slippers for her. She finally got one and we went around the whole Times Square, looking for caps, necklaces and piercings. Most of the caps didn't look like they were manufactured properly until we saw one shop. We were interested but since Reuben bought good caps from Petaling Street before, we then headed there first. We walked around, bought "air mata kucing" and had beef noodles again, but it was better.. :)

We then looked for caps but we didn't find good ones anymore.. Reuben regret that he should have actually bought caps from Times Square. We couldn't go back there to shop because Vivian was rushing home. She didn;t want to be back late because the next day was her first day in HELP University. So we went left Lot 10 and headed to the Smart Tunnel.

We almost had the adventure of our lives. The Smart Tunnel was closed so we had to divert to another route which we didnt know. SO we ended up on the Maju Expressway (MEX) and this highway takes you straight to Putrajaya from KL. There was an exit to Bukit Jalil but we didn't take it because it neither said Subang Jaya or Petaling Jaya on the signboard. So we kept going, going and going on that long straight highway. There was no exit other than Putrajaya, so we drove for about half an hour on that straight highway. We got out to Putrajaya and took the Puchong way home. It was a really big round to get to subang jaya. Through our journey, we also spotted the supermoon. Couldnt get a clear shot though..

Had nasi lemak for supper in the end! Tee Hee!

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