Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A very active day :D

I woke up today at 7.30 to hang the clothes from the washer. I usually dont get up that early but I had to get to Damansara at 9am for a video shoot at the Touch Dialysis Center. I'm currently working with Touch Community under Kuboid Productions in helping them promote their fund raising event. We are hoping to produce a very good documentary.

For dialysis information or if you want to help Touch Dialysis Center, their location is below;

Touch Dialysis Center,
26, Jalan PJU 5/16,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,

603-6157 7520

After filming, I straight away got home to get ready for my first Paintball game. At 3pm, we met at school and headed to Selayang Mall where Splat Zone Paintball was located. This paintball field is run in an indoor carpark.

The most epic thing that happened here is that we got stuck in the elevator. It was an old mall so we were not surprised, or we tried not to be. haha. we tried pressing the buttons of every floor so that the lift might move, but it didnt. We pressed the intercom, but the button was hardened that it could not be pressed. We rang the bell but I guess no one would hear us. So then, we had to pry the lift doors open and climbed out of the lift. Haha!

Geoffrey with Robyn's ammo packs..

We then reached the paintball arena and we had to wait quite long. They were preparing markers, they dont call it guns, for the 13 of us. It was RM70 per person for unlimited bullets for 3 hours. We somehow didnt really enjoyed it so much because everytime we ran out of bullets, we will go out to the counter and they will end our game, which is so soon. They didnt allow us to bring ammo packs so we could not reload in the arena. In the end, it was a series of short matches. In between matches, it was also a long wait because there were other teams. All in all, it was abit of a disappointment. My friend said the management here isint good and that next time I should join them in Tanamera Paintball or even at Summit USJ.

My experience; the shots were not that painful. I think it was a .50 caliber marker so it wasnt that bad. Geoffrey said that a .65 caliber would hurt. Compared to laser tag, the shots are meant to hurt you so you wouldnt simply run out and try shooting everyone. You had to take cover and think before moving forward.

Anyway, it was just alright for my first time. I hope to play in shah alam where they say its more exciting compared to selayang. Oh but I was able to catch a beautiful sunset from the carpark.. :)

Group Photo :)

We were so hungry at about the 2nd hour of paintball, especially the cooking vent was near there, we could smell fried chicken! So after everything, we headed to Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood. It is known to have awesome crabs there. However, most of us were not in the mood for crabs because we were quite tired. So we just got one set of crabs and other dishes like Kangkung Belacan, Friend Prawns, Steamed fish, fried tofu and marmite chicken. It was delicious!

Well, thats all the photos because my camera battery died.. :( Well hopefully the sneak peak will get you hungry.. :P

So, do you think that was all I did? No! I still went to watch Avengers in 3D that night itself! The show was at 11.55pm so I guess everything is just falling into place. :)

Avengers, I wouldn't say it was Amazing but it was a good movie. Lots of values were portrayed in the video and I loved how the black widow can twist stories so that she can get her information. Its a psychological thing so I liked that.. haha..

It was also my first time watching 3D in a local cinema. If you would ask me, I will say the 3D and non-3D doesnt have much difference. 3D movies have a deeper depth where the background and the object is separated. It is not much of a difference because ordinary movies have a good depth of field but its just not separated.

Anyway, it was a good long day. Now I'm just chilling at my local Starbucks, having a hot mocha and doing this blog post.. :)

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