Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where have we gone to?

Hey guys, i know i have been so excited to start making video logs. I have made 4 so far since i arrived in USA, but i havent uploaded any new ones yet since then. Well, this is because nothing much exciting has happened yet. Actually, things didnt really go well..

Last Saturday, I went to San Francisco to go for whale watching in the Pacific Ocean with my brother and mother but we didnt make it there.. it was such a let down.. Its generally a 6 hour boat ride to go and come back from a protected island which was full of aquatic wildlife and we were suppose to see whales there.. However, 2 elderly people didnt feel well because the sea was very choppy.. Its a normal thing for people to get sea sick there but the elderly, they were in much more harm, or discomfort.

Well I myself got sea sick.. I threw up but of course, off the boat.. the weather was so cold, sea waves were so choppy and we were getting splashed so the cold salty water made things worse. Not to mention, my stomach has not yet recovered from an uncomfortable condition. Going through all that, I wished that we reached our destination. Policy of the company, if we didnt make it, we can reschedule the trip.. No thank you.. I gone so far for nothing, and I do not want to go through that crap again..

In the end, we just went around the pier and San Francisco. I took a few shots of the Golden Gate Bridge and I went to Twin Peaks Summit where I had a good view of San Francisco.

Today, I was suppose to go sky diving. Stomach condition didnt get any better but i was so excited to jump off the plane. Right before heading to the shower after waking up in the morning, my brother called. He said that the company has a million dollar sue and fines because they do not maintain their aircraft or equipment. It was rather unsafe and my bro had a bad feeling about going there. Besides, it was too cheap to go for sky diving at $100. A typical skydiving journey will usually cost $250, so theres always a story behind the 'more than 50% discount'.

So here I am, just going around shopping and eating.. Well I got 4 new pairs of shoes and gonna get my Galaxy S2 from here so I guess thats the good part.. oh and check out my 4th video.. :)

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