Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Universal Studios Hollywood

hey guys.. :) i know i should be updating video logs about my trip but travelling on a tight schedule makes it hard to record videos and editing them.. especially when youre travelling with others, having tons of luggages and driving long roads for long hours..

it was a 6 hour journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles.. We took a slow drive along the coastal roads and had a very very dark trip ahead. we arrived at LA at about 3 in the morning..

Along the way, i took lots of pictures both with my camera and my new Galaxy S2.. it has an 8mp camera and i quickly instagram my photos with the help of my brothers wifi hotspot..

we got up the next morning and my brother surprised my dad by renting a Ford Mustang Convertible.. my das always have loved the old mustangs, my mom had one last time in the Philippines.. however, the new mustang was enough to make him happy..

with an open top, we drove to Universal Studios! I didnt bring my dslr there because, who in their right mind wants to bring a dslr to a theme park? imagine the hassle of carrying all the heavy equipment.. even at its simplest set up, its still bulky and you will suffer thinking on how you wanna take the rides.. so all i had was my S2 and my bros canon sx230hs, which was such an awesome compact camera, recommended by me by the way.. :)

when we went in, we firstly went to watch Water World.. they used the same story for many years and it hasnt bored anyone.. 

we then went to take the thrilling rides.. they had Transformers, The Mummy and Jurassic Park.. :) Transformers was an awesome motion 3D ride.. it was about the NEST HQ were attacked by decepticons and u have to flee on an autobot.. it was a thrilling ride and u need to try it out yourself! :)

The Jurassic Park ride was a a simple ride going along a river where you see dinosaurs.. coming to the end of the ride, theres a setting of escaped dinosaurs and it ends with a 30 feet drop into water..

The Mummy was just ok.. i went onto a roller coaster cart where there is a smooth journey looking at mummies and beetles and at one point, i could feel the beetles crawling across my feet.. when the evil villain appeared, he cited some curse and i will found myself falling into some twist and turns of a short roller coaster ride.. i then ended up at a dead end and the roller coaster will reverse for half the journey.. thats all..

i had lunch with my family followed up by going into the Haunted Mansion.. it was a dark walk through with a big hall in the middle which was Frankeinstein's chamber. I also got to take photos with Dracula and, I dont know who the other guy is.. :/

After that, we went to watch Special Effects where they show how they use their effects to make a movie.. They showed classic physical effects all the way to the latest digital effects.. They showed how chocolate syrup was used as fake blood and the usage of green screens, metal frame bodies for animations, cables to make people float and many more. It was one of my favorite.. :)

We decided to go for the tour that takes us around Universal Studios, the stages or warehouses where they create scenes for different movies.. Here, they filmed most of the movies on the big screen today and even TV series such as CSI.. The main attraction was King Kong 360 3D. We went into a warehouse where there were 2 huge circular screens around us. We were on a tram and it had effects where the tram shook left and right.. They also showed us the cars used in their films, such as the Back to the Future DeLorean and Fast and the Furious Integra and Supra.. They demonstrated the accuracy of their robotic arms used in video effects to make cars fly or flip.. 

They showed us a housing area built for filming like Desperate Housewives. They even showed the set for the film Grinch and Wild Wild West setups.. Right above is the set for War of the Wordls.. On the way back, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Skyline GT-R used in 2Fast 2Furious. It was parked at their car modification and maintenance warehouse. They didnt display it sadly so I couldnt catch a photograph.. :( You could actually see the car from Google Maps.. :/

We moved on by watching Terminator 2 in 3D and Shrek 3D, Ogre Vision. 

The park was about to close and I bought myself a souvenir.. :)

I had a great but tiring day. We ended the day by going to Beverley Hills and a long way back to the hotel..  

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