Friday, August 31, 2012

Starting to Feel Like Home

Its day 2 for me and my friends in Kuching, and were getting comfortable here. Though theres not much entertainment here, were doing pretty well in adapting to the foreign city.

Today we got up to breakfast in the hotel, a simple breakfast with toast, cereals and some rice and noodles. We then walked around the city looking for a photo shop because Sam needed to print more passport size photos. At the same time, we looked at shops that sell lots of Sarawak products.

We ended up having lunch in Pizza Hut because the coffee shop which served Sarawak Laksa that was recommended by Foursquare users was closed, perhaps for the Independence Day celebration. It's very quiet here actually. We went shopping after and headed back to the apartment and watched Running Man, some Korean game show.

We still continued looking for Sarawak Laksa at another restaurant for dinner but it was also closed. So we went for barbecue steamboat. I can say that it was good, especially the marinated beef. Soup is not actually soup, its just hot water. So if you want good soup, bring your own seasoning.. :) Oh the name of the restaurant is D11 Steamboat :) its just RM18 for its buffet :)

Well thats how day 2 went, and were gonna head to the university tomorrow so wish us luck! :D

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