Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Laying Down the Bricks One by One

Im back in my room after a session with the UNIMAS Debating Society and it was a great session. The seniors who were handling the club were cool people and gave a good introduction and perception about debating. How important is debating to me? Well they asked us to think about what do we expect from joining the club. I thought, it would be important for me to break boundaries, increase my confidence and knowledge. The product, we shall see after a year or two or maybe when i graduate.

After the introduction, we were given the chance to debate. I along with Adrian and Jai, the other public speaker who got 1st place, decided to take the seat of the opposition party. Topic; Superheroes Should Not Wear a Mask. Generally, we were suppose to oppose that topic and I think it went pretty well. I was the Opposition Whip and I think I did a pretty good job, along with the first and second speaker, Adrian and Jai respectively. The other members agreed that the opposition party should win so I guess its a really good start for some of us. I really hope to gain a lot by joining this society, to widen my network and knowledge and to work closely with the other intellectual members too :)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hotting Up :D

This is going to be a very short post, perhaps for the sake of this picture. We have really marvelous cloud formations here, but were much closer to the equator so its scorching hot here. Just enjoy this photo and imagine its really really hot. :) oh all the pictures i have taken ever since I arrived in Kuching are taken by my Samsung Galaxy S2 :) great smartphone till today. I still prefer it over an S3 :) hope to be able to bring my dslr when i come back for my second semester.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Cubicle

Ever since I bought my Maxis Broadband, which was actually just yesterday, its so easy for me to go online anywhere without depending on the university's wifi. It used to be a pain for me to access the internet because my university uses an online portal for our homework and lecture notes called morpheus, and my room can't get wifi. Every time I go to a wifi hotspot, there wont be any power plugs for my laptop. The university wifi is also shared by the many users at one hotspot and the many thousand users in the whole university. Internet loading is very slow and it sometimes doesn't even load. So the broadband solves my problem.

This is my room, or perhaps, my cubicle. Our quarters or dorms, which are called colleges, is like an apartment. When you enter, theres a living room and kitchen. There are 5 rooms when you walk down the hallway. 2 single rooms are usually for seniors, 2 double rooms and one triple room are usually for the juniors. So there are usually 9 people living in an apartment. The toilets are split. The shower is separated from the toilet bowl. I guess its a design to help students take turns using the bathroom more efficiently so that more students can use the bathroom at a time.

My room is an example of a double room, a room literally split into half. It has been 2 weeks and im comfortable here. I'm actually surprised that I adapted quickly to this foreign place. I am not feeling homesick yet, but maybe it will come soon because the first few weeks has been really busy.

I'm also getting used to the schedule here. My study schedule is balanced with sports and extra curricular programs in the college. My weekends are planned that Saturdays are study days and only Sunday is my rest day. Laundry is usually done during the weekends. I have joind my college debate team but I'm also aiming to join the university's debate team for more exposure. I really regret not joining the debate team in high school. I'm still trying to live up to a quote, do not regret the things you did, but regret the things you did not do. It kinda smacked into my face during form 6, and thats when I begun to change.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Living the University Life

A very good evening to all the students of BRC. Tonight I am going to talk to you about Life in University. It has only been 2 weeks since I first arrived here, and a few words came to my mind. 

Look around you. Who here whom are important to you are missing? 

Your parents. 

Living in a university teaches us to be independent. I'm sure there are many of you who are like me, who always depend on my parents for the past 20 years to clean tho house, do our laundry, wash the toilets and prepare our food. But today, we have to do it on our own, independently. 

We also learn to be courageous. This is not high school anymore, there is no more spoon feeding or notes given by our teacher. We must be initiative to find our homework, get our notes from an online portal and step up to ask our lecturers questions. Courageous not only in class, but also when you apply and do your cocurriculum. Like today, stepping up here to speak takes a lot of courage, and I would want to ask those who stepped up here, to give yourself a hand for being courageous and for some, to break your boundaries. 

I would also like to share you another word. Discernment, which means eye opener to us. Coming to university is an eye opener to me. This is my second time coming to Kuching, but there is still so much that I am learning. It helps us to be matured too, by living on our own and dealing with our daily spenditure. 

Well thats all I have for tonight, thank you..

That was, not 100% accurate, speech that I shared spontaneously last night during my colleges (dorm) speaking corner, an effort of the colleges academic secretariat, there will be a speaking corner every Tuesday night to give the college students an opportunity to voice out their opinions.

Like I said just now, it has just been about 2 weeks since I arrived here, and everyday is a new day. A week of orientation just ended and it was a bliss. Despite the long boring talks, there was also cultural night, cheers, performances and competitions like debate and public speaking. I signed up to participate in public speaking, with the intention to join the debate team at first, but the debate was in BM. Someone still encouraged me to do public speaking, something I have never done in my life. Technically it's because public speaking is a solo performance and debating requires a team and I am just not ready for it, but i still jumped into the hole, facing whatever that may appear.

Well I wasn't the only one who applied for public speaking. Another 7 students also signed up for it and to be fair, we had a preliminary competition in front of our college fellow to choose who shall represent our college, and I got chosen. What was my feeling that time? I was nervous, shocked, happy, glad, proud, scared and, you name it. It was such an amazing feeling, especially when your friends were looking at you, supporting you to bring it all the way.

It was a calm Thursday evening that I was not calm. I was in the colleges meeting room with my friends brainstorming ideas for the competition. The topic given was; Should prime time coverage be equal for men and women in sports? The first question that came to my mind was, isin't prime time coverage already equal for both genders, or is it even measured? The one thin i knew was that I can't assume anything and I should either agree or disagree to the title, and throw out my reasons. This is more or less on how my speech went;

A very good evening to the honorable judges, guests of honor, chairperson, time keeper and my fellow friends. Allow me to begin. 

Dato Lee Chong Wei

Dato Nicole Ann David

What do these people have in common? 

Of course, they are our nations number one sportsmen. 

But, what are their differences? 


The topic given to me today is Should prime time coverage be equal for both men and women in sports? That means, should the publicity of both males and females be fair on the evening news. 

I agree to this statement because I believe in gender equality. I always hold up to the thought that both men and women have their own capabilities to do their own things, their own forte. For example, women may be good in attracting business for their company and men on the other hand can be skillful in technical instruments. Both fields are important in the development of our society. Both men and women of today are independent of each other, the women of today do not need to depend on men for income. Women are capable of working on their own and are able to chase their dreams. 

My next point is that media is a very strong and influential tool. There is no doubt that the CEO of the biggest companies watch the news everyday to stay updated to the news and economics. If they see what they like, they would want that person to wear their logo. For instance, Nike sponsored Manchester United because they saw the talent in that male football team. But what if female football teams also had equal publicity, say that Nike saw a female football player playing as well as Wayne Rooney, then there would be a female football star too. Media coverage also gives opportunity, in this case, to female football players to gain more sponsorship, spotlight and a chance to build their career. 

My third point is that sportsmen and women are inspiring people, like again, Dato Lee Chong Wei has inspired the men of our country and same for Dato Nicole David, she inspired the local women too. I mean, no offence but who ever knew that Malaysia will ever be number one in a certain field? Its true that many of us had that negative perception in our mind, and these two athletes proved us wrong. A family can sit down and watch the evening news together and be inspired by these athletes. For example, during the last 2012 Olympics, taekwando was aired on television and that family who was watching the news will be moved to take up martial arts classes with the thought to protect themselves and their children. 

To sum up my points, I would agree that prime time coverage should be equal for both men and women in sports because I support gender equality which brings more publicity and inspires both men and women, equally. Thank you. 

This was more or less the speech I gave to about 4200 people in an auditorium. Not to mention, it was my first time public speaking. Such a thrilling experience. The speech above is not 100% accurate but again, more or less what I said and maybe has been improved to be posted here.

After my speech, the jury asked me a question. She asked; Why should large companies sponsor women football teams when they are not good at it?

I replied; Women football teams are also like male football teams, they train everyday. And like I said, the women football team does not get enough publicity, so thats why people like you and me, are not aware of the potential they have. 

In the end, unbelievably I have won 2nd place.. I never expected to even be in the top 3 because I forgot my words and stuttered at some parts. The joy of winning did not just end with me winning 2nd place. My colleges debate team got third place and if I'm not mistaken, we also got 2nd place for the cultural dance competition. The overall winner of the orientation was determined by the position obtained in all the competitions. Though my college didn't win the cheer competition at all, but we still won the overall trophy! it was such a great feeling to know that my efforts has made a chain reaction which has brought my college to victory. Best feeling in my life :D

Me and my friends were then asked to speak during our speaking corner of our college which brought us to becoming the academy secretariat of my college, I think. theres still official notice of our participation.

anyway life here is great and classes have already started last Monday. Lecturers seem good but im still trying to adapt to the timing and lifestyle here. Hopefully it will stay this way, even when im planning to be much more active in university activities :)

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