Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Cubicle

Ever since I bought my Maxis Broadband, which was actually just yesterday, its so easy for me to go online anywhere without depending on the university's wifi. It used to be a pain for me to access the internet because my university uses an online portal for our homework and lecture notes called morpheus, and my room can't get wifi. Every time I go to a wifi hotspot, there wont be any power plugs for my laptop. The university wifi is also shared by the many users at one hotspot and the many thousand users in the whole university. Internet loading is very slow and it sometimes doesn't even load. So the broadband solves my problem.

This is my room, or perhaps, my cubicle. Our quarters or dorms, which are called colleges, is like an apartment. When you enter, theres a living room and kitchen. There are 5 rooms when you walk down the hallway. 2 single rooms are usually for seniors, 2 double rooms and one triple room are usually for the juniors. So there are usually 9 people living in an apartment. The toilets are split. The shower is separated from the toilet bowl. I guess its a design to help students take turns using the bathroom more efficiently so that more students can use the bathroom at a time.

My room is an example of a double room, a room literally split into half. It has been 2 weeks and im comfortable here. I'm actually surprised that I adapted quickly to this foreign place. I am not feeling homesick yet, but maybe it will come soon because the first few weeks has been really busy.

I'm also getting used to the schedule here. My study schedule is balanced with sports and extra curricular programs in the college. My weekends are planned that Saturdays are study days and only Sunday is my rest day. Laundry is usually done during the weekends. I have joind my college debate team but I'm also aiming to join the university's debate team for more exposure. I really regret not joining the debate team in high school. I'm still trying to live up to a quote, do not regret the things you did, but regret the things you did not do. It kinda smacked into my face during form 6, and thats when I begun to change.

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