Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Cognitive Science Orientation

I'll be honest, I mean of course I have to be honest, because what I view shouldn't be manipulated just to be nice or whatever in that case. Just saying.

For the whole week before orientation, I dreaded it because we, cognitive science students, had a lot of assignments to do and I usually revise my studies every night. However, for the whole week, it was all about preparing for orientation or doing assignments. Every night was busy. 3 nights were used to plan my groups performance and 1 night which was excepted was used to attend debate weekly meetings which are usually on Wednesdays. The orientation was from Friday to Sunday and we were only able to fully practice on Thursday.

I'll be honest, I did skip a lecture because of my orientation preparation. As a group leader, I had to at least have a plan in mind, in terms for my group performance. I wasn't feeling that well too anyway. My group was given the task to do a dance performance about Puteri Santubong. It was a traditional song and it was too slow for me. Thank God for its hip hop version by M.I.X., we used their song to have a hip hop part that I thought may make our performance unique. The great challenge was to plan a choreograph for the dance. I have no dance experience besides 3 classes of hip hop at Urban Groove and taking videos of other dancers. On Thursday, I skipped one lecture, which I'm glad I did because I was able to plan a 40 second choreograph in 3 hours, had dinner then spent another 4 hours teaching my team mates the moves. Skipping that one lecture also gave me a breather and helped me get myself back together. The stress of time constraint with assignments and pre-orientation plans was very heavy.

I think I wasn't the only one who dreaded orientation. Many others also complained about it taking too much time or being a waste of time. There were also some who screwed up their presentation last Monday, mostly because of orientation. It was tiring for them and though u might say that a group who knows that they suppose to present on a specific date should be ready early, its about the timing that was very tiring. Even one of my lecturers complained that the orientation was too long and made the students tired. He was upset that he wasn't given the chance to voice out his opinion about the timing.

Anyway throughout the orientation, I kept asking myself, "what am I doing here?" I kept asking myself that because there are so much to do compared to the activities done there. The highlight of the event was to spend time with seniors to ask questions and get ourselves straight. They were focusing on us as a faculty being a family. I have nothing wrong with that but its more of the timing thats a problem. Second, its hard to get everyone to ask seniors questions at a specific time because questions usually arise when there are problems, which will come throughout our whole semester. We already have the mentor mentee and family system, it will be wise to ask for help only when a problem arises. At the orientation, I had nothing to ask and I just listened to what the seniors do in class.

Well for now I only can answer my question by saying that I attended the orientation just to dance. I never performed a dance before and our performance during orientation was a whole new experience for me. Furthermore, my group won 2nd place for the performance that night. Well at least I know that my efforts paid off, but it was also because of the dedication and the cooperation and ability of my team members which brought my group to such victory. My group won the overall prize for the orientation. Quite surprising, but I'm sure my group members deserved it.

So, I still think I went for orientation to dance, play with lanterns for the mooncake festival and enjoy the beach. But there always a story behind every action. The orientation did make an impact to me and the other students. The games and activities held has brought us closer than before. I did have my share of fun. Mr Hafiz speeches always made good sense and it was very rational. They always emphasize that we can never work on our own to gain success. We always need to depend on each other to reach our goals. Orientation has allowed me to know my friends better, make new friends and gain more experience for instance, the dance. Mainly, it also made me be able to take on the challenge of a university student, to be able to overcome any situation and still remain standing. More photos here.

All in all, orientation wasn't bad after all. :)

Oh and I would like to take this chance to wish my course mate, Elvis Yoon, a Happy Birthday :) We celebrated his birthday in one of our universities higher class cafes. We bought a brownie cake for him and we all had a great lunch together :)

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