Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not Taking a Break this Semester Break

I just entered my first semesters mid term break which will last for a week. For the past month, I was looking forward to this week because it will be a week where I can get good rest before I take on the rest of the semester again. However, my break is yes, a break from studies, but not for rest. The moment my break began, on the last day of class, on that night itself, me and my group of friends doing Cognitive Science rented 3 cars and headed up to Kuching. It was a trip of 15 people and it was amazing to see how close we were as friends, a really big group of friends. The initial plan of my friend was to go to The Hills for karaoke but it was too expensive. So instead, we went to walk around Kuching and took a boat across the Santubong river. That night was only just the beginning. The next day had much more adventure :)

I got up around 7.45 that morning. We were supposed to group up at Cempaka at 9am to get into our transport. It was delayed to about 10am but I didnt bother. As long as I got to my destination, Im happy. This trip was again organised by the same previous Chinese society in UNIMAS. They had about 7 cars to bring about 33 people around. First we headed to Jong Crocodile Farm. We arrived at 11am, which was just in time for the crocodiles feeding time. They have feeding shows at 11am and 3pm.

The workers will hang a piece of meat or fish onto a cable that is tied across the pond. The crocodiles in the pond will jump up, trying to grab their lunch. It was such a great sight to see the crocodiles jumping because you dont really get to see crocodiles everyday, but thank God for that.

We spent another hour at the crocodile farm walking around, looking at other animals and ate some snacks. I would like to rephrase 'we' to 'the both of us' :) I have a very special companion who shares the same interest with me and one of it is to travel. Shes really adventurous and really knows how to live life :) I thank God again for introducing her into my life :)

So anyway, we got back into the cars and headed to a town nearby for lunch. Lunch wasnt that great but at least it filled my stomach well, and they had good Chinese tea :) We headed to Ranchan Waterfall soon after. It was about an hour trip, cos we got lost a bit as the convoy got split up. Nevertheless, we arrived at our destination safely. Ranchan had a series of waterfalls and I suggested to go as high as possible because usually if youre at a lower part of the waterfall, you have no idea what shit happened from above :p

We trekked through the forest up the hill to find a higher waterfall. It was just me, Carmen and Jeff, I have no idea where the others went. Jeff also is another adventurous and enthusiastic person, but hes a guy :p Haha. So we reached the end of the trail, took off our shoes and went down into the cold water. We could go much higher following through the rocks but we did not want to leave our valuables far from us. As we were in the water, we sat in it and allowed the water to flow through us. The funniest part also was that the river had fishes. They were small fishes trying to eat our feet. It was like a fish therapy, and it was so ticklish. After awhile, we did get used to it. I have no idea what fish was that but i believed it was cleaning my feet :)

Panchor Hot Springs was our next destination. Getting there wasnt easy as the roads were still, undeveloped. The roads were narrow and it wasnt tarmac. There are still future plans in developing the road. The entrance fee into the hot springs is only RM3 and they have a cafe there. The place is well maintained and clean. It is a natural hot springs pond so the water may look dirty and muddy, but its natural, hot and filled with natural minerals. When i drenched my feet into the water, it was really hot. I had to keep putting my legs up many times, but after awhile, I got used to it and just enjoyed the hot water. Hot springs is good for the body because its said to help in circulating blood flow in the body. People with high blood pressure are not advised to enter the hot springs.

We then headed to Kuching for dinner in the Hong Kong Noodle House located in Chinatown. It was one of my most favorite restaurants because they served dried chili in oil, which was one of my favorite chili. I had pork ribs with champagne and wine sauce and Carmen had the same thing, without the champagne and wine sauce. Both kinda just tasted the same, but it tasted good too. We both also ordered sour soup which was a thick soup with tofu and chicken slices. It was a spicy soup but it taste great and was very filling. Our dinner came up to about less than RM10. Soon, we headed back to campus to end the day :)

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