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Bringing Friends around KL

And again, I was on an unintentional hiatus status for my blog. Clearly I am inconsistent in blogging though ironically i love to tell my stories about the places i go, the food I eat or the crazy things that happen around me. But besides blogging, there is one medium that you can see my stories, which is my instagram. I find it too easy and and qucik to share whats going on using instagram. Why? Because it has a photo of what I see, a caption for a story and even a foursquare check-in so that you can know where am I. So do follow me on instagram, even if you dont know me and love to find out new places to eat or to just chill, at

But nevertheless, I am not just going to end my post like that. Throughout my silence in this paid domain blog, lots has happened and lots has been learnt. I got nothing much to talk about my uni, so im gonna tell you what I did during this summer break.

So it started off, in uni actually. We were in our lecture hall when we were also looking at cheap flights for my friends, from Sabah to KL. Their Malaysian Airlines flight for 2 ways was just only RM137. So they came for 11 days, wandering around the busy city life of KL, and we travelled up north to the serene beaches of Langkawi.

On the night of my dad's birthday, my dear angel with another friend arrived at KLIA. It was about half past 12 midnight when we drove off, and as I saw a heavy jam on the highway back, I decided to detour to Putrajaya. To be honest, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur are the best places to see at night because of its lights, especially Putrajaya where it is not as busy as Kuala Lumpur and its federal buildings have their own unique design and architecture. Sadly by midnight, they start to off some of the lights to save electricity. So we hang out at the Putrajaya Bridge, a normal hangout place for most people there, to have some air and see the bridge change colour every moment.

The next morning, I got up earlier than the others to send my mom to our new home which was still under renovation that time. It was almost ready and we were about to move in within a weeks time so my mom had to stay there for a day to make sure everything is placed properly before the final touch up. Then I went to pick the others from home to have breakfast with Adrian in Glenmarie. We had a variety of chicken and pork rice which tasted great but it was kinda pricey too. I forgot how much we paid for everything but it was about RM15 per person after we split the share. You be the judge.

Soon, we were off to KL to check in our "executive suite". Duta Vista along Jalan Duta has been there for many years now. I have been celebrating my birthdays there since I was about 7 years old and until now, which I'll be 21 this December, still stands the good old hotel. It's quite run down but why I still go there is because of the space. A 2 floor suite with 2 bedrooms, 3 toilets, a kitchen, living room and dining room is a great place to hang out with a bunch of friends. The reason why we still have it is because my parents bought time sharing with that hotel or it's group of hotels, Tanco Resorts. Nevertheless, we had a great time there. (Yes they do have a penguin there, but during my 7th birthday, they actually had penguinS there)

After settling down, we headed to Bukit Bintang. If I were to bring people new to KL, it will always have to start with Bukit Bintang. Why? Its because you can cover at least 7 malls within the day there, and they're all within a walking distance! The journey always starts from Berjaya Times Square. From there you can walk to Low Yat, Sungei Wang, Lot 10 which has an awesome food court, Fahrenheit 88, Pavillion and finally, KLCC, the landmark of Kuala Lumpur. You can eat, shop and sight see all in one area.

The next day, we spent the whole day at Challenge Park, Putrajaya. It is my favorite spot for rock climbing. If you have a student card, entry fee per day is only RM3. Normal entry is just RM6. Rental of shoes and harness with the belay device are add ons, but if you go with experience climbers who can belay you, you dont need to rent the guy to belay you. By the way, belayers are those anchors who are on the ground holding your rope in case you fall while climbing. So yeah, we were encouraging our friends who were giving it a go for the first time. It was great and tiring at the same time, not to mention, we were making Xinh Guan's birthday card there while he was climbing! The best part was, he didnt realise it at all!

The idea was like this. We rock climb, go back to the hotel to shower and wait for everyone to go out for dinner. Manyi parked her car at my house in Subang, so I had an excuse to not be part of the group and handle the birthday surprise. Well because we were supposed to reach the hotel late, we even hanged around the Ramadan Bazaar in front of my house. Manyi, Hsiu Chin and Aivee went to buy the cake and pizza while me and Carmen went back to the hotel, empty handed. So if ever Xinh Guan was expecting a birthday surprise, there was none. Oh ya, Manyi, Hsiu and Aivee said that they would not be joining us for dinner. So technically everyone was back already. To make the wait even longer, me and Carmen took a shower.

Sooner or later, the 3 girls arrived at the hotel. I walked out and Xinh Guan still didnt realise or suspect anything, and we just barged in the front door singing Happy Birthday while the others were watching tv. It was a well planned surprise.

So it was Sunday and it was quite a letdown. We headed to my favorite pasta place in Kelana Jaya called, Secret of Louisiana. During lunch hour, like from 12pm to 3pm, they will serve pasta buffet. It's like you pay RM15 something or 18, its definitely lower than RM20, and you will get bottomless Ice Lemon Tea, Soup, Salad, Coffee or Tea and 1 scoop of ice cream in the end. The main course is a choice of 8 different types of pasta. Yes it's a buffet served by plate. After you finish one plate, only then they will serve the next. But the worse part was, they close on Sundays. I should have taken note, but oh well.

So we then went straight to IOI mall where we wanted to play laser tag as usual. We first had lunch in Esquire Kitchen.When we went to laser tag, they were closed for a private event! Oh the frustrations. We then decided to go to Sunway Pyramid's Laser Tag, which is technically more expensive than IOI mall. In Pyramid, 2 games costs about RM45. In IOI mall, unlimited games can be bought for about RM55. I guess you can see which is more worth. However, I like Pyramid's arena more. It's bigger and there are additional items to shoot such as a giant snake or some markers on the wall, but their gun is not that nice. IOI mall has a better gun in the sense that you can change modes and actually see your score on the gun itself. The verdict, i'll still go to IOI mall instead of Pyramid.

Our dinner was at Tony Roma's. Not much to say, just western food I guess. Sorry but I enjoy Chinese food alot more. Im a rice or noodle person. hee :)

We got up really early the next day, like about 6.30am because we had to catch a bus from my house to get to KL Sentral for a 10.05am train to Ipoh, which is also Xinh Guan's home town. I think that was the longest sentence that I ever written. Anyway, I'll tell you more about what happened in Ipoh in an new post. I guess it's too boring to read the whole 11 day trip in one blog post.

Take Care.

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Lorna said...

Your blog is just awesome, I love the photos and the way you tell stories, and you put so much fun into everything!
A huge thumbs up from Ireland,
Lorna :)