Monday, August 19, 2013

ESCAPE Room at e@Curve

Before I begin, this is not the Ipoh post. If you wanna read about my road trip, do click here :)

So if you know me, I always love to go for laser tag. It's one of those in-mall entertainments which gets my adrenaline rushing and heart pumping. However one day I was walking with my friends after buying a movie at e@Curve and saw this place called Escape Room. It was intriguing but we didn't have the time to try it. So I went with another group of friends recently. Oh by the way, you need to book a room to ensure that you will get it. You also can walk in if there's no one using the room.

So basically, you will be locked in a room with more locks and clues and you have to find your way out within 45 minutes. Sounds easy, really. But the success rate is not high and 45 minutes isn't long either. So we paid RM28 per person as students and got locked in the Abandoned Factory. What I imagined was a big arena like the ones for laser tag but to explain the many rooms available to play which are like Pirate Ship, Slaughter House, The Mysterious Room, The Mummy, Prison Break and Pirate Ship, they're each literally an Escape Room. You will be in more or less 2 rooms. No running around, but solve the clues given in each room.

So I was in with another 4 friends and the first task was easy. When we got to the next, it was confusing. Having a vast amount of knowledge actually distracts you more as the tip of the year is to just play it simple and straightforward. For us, there were mathematical and chemistry stuff and we took each clue literally and wasted our time doing the non obvious, hence, we failed.

In the end, the guys in charge there told us how to solve it. Thank God, if not I wont be able to sleep for a night thinking what we have missed, and at that moment we all felt very dumb as the clues were actually, like I said, very straightforward.

It was a good experience, especially to those who like to play these games because its quite tricky and you can actually learn a lot from the way they arrange the clues and etc. If you love puzzles, you would love this. But for me personally, I'll still choose laser tag because of its price and not enough adrenaline rush. Would I come back again? Yes, to try out the other rooms. :)

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